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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Q1. What kind of content should I post?

You can turn to social media to see what your competitors are posting online. This is always the first step. Do not copy them but get inspiration. It is very helpful to create a social media calendar and get on a schedule to save time and efforts. Canva is a great way to design eye catching graphics.

Be creative, entertain and inspire your audience. Become the expert in your field. At Premiere Social Media, we have a team of content writers who create the best content for your business.

Q2. What social media platforms can I use for my business?

It is essential to have your business listed on all forms of social media. The top platforms are Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Claim and create all platforms. Choose the top one to focus the most on. Choose the next top two to post on regularly but not spend as much time on, once it is up and going. The ones that you do not use often, use them to direct people to the main ones.

You must figure out where your audience is before you start. There is no point in pitching, talking, and communicating to the wrong audiences. Keep in mind whether your focus is B2B or B2C. Age and demographics play a big part in choosing which platforms you will be most active in. Facebook is always the number one place to start for every business.

Q3. Should I create different posts for each platform?

Yes, each social media platforms is very different. On Facebook we add value and offer expertise, while on Instagram we post compelling photos. LinkedIn was specifically created for business owners. They all have their reasons why people favor one over the other.

We offer social media training to teach you about each platform in depth.

Q4. Why should I use social media?

Social media mixed with networking is the best form of marketing at this time. The world is increasingly going social. Studies show that 30% of all the time spent online is spent on social media platforms. Social media is where people are and you are expected to be there as a business owner.

Without having a social media presence, your brand will struggle to gain visibility. You need to move with the times and get on social media today.

Q5. How often should I post?

Each platform is very different. Facebook should be posted on no more than once per day. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you can post frequently, even as much as 4 to 5 times per day.

You can also use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories. They only last 24 hours, but they are incredibly effective when it comes to getting seen.

Q6. Do I need social media for my business?

You need social media marketing for your business. Every business needs it. You are expected to be there.

People leave reviews and feedback on your products, ask questions and even order on your page. Your potential customers will google your products and company to choose if they want to become a client.

About 85% of people look up businesses online before transacting with them. Traditional advertising is slowly dying. It is social media marketing that can help in creating trust in your products and services.

Q7. Can we measure ROI with social media?

Although it is not very straightforward to measure ROI with social media, there are a few things that you can directly measure and track. When running paid ads, you will get the results of your ads directly from that platform. These results can be somewhat misleading as one may get a sale in the future from that person that saw the ad, rather than when it ran. Ad results only report certain items, depending on what type of campaign you are running. Remember that likes, messages, comments, shares, website views, referrals, emails, calls and of course new, future and current clients are all things that will come from your marketing efforts on social media. It is very hard to track all of these when running one ad.

Q8. Will social media help me grow my business?

If social media marketing is done properly, it will be very beneficial to your business. With social media, you will build credibility, strengthen your brand, get your business in front of the right audience, while getting new payed clients and staying in front of your current clients.

Start marketing with social media today. If you are unsure of how to effectively market, we offer training, consulting and management.

Q9. What are the benefits of social media marketing for my business in Arizona?

Social media is a must to all businesses worldwide. The way businesses interact and communicate with customers has changed forever. Social media builds credibility and gets your message in front of new clients and keeps you in front of clients that you already have. You develop deep relationships with your customers when you connect on social media. It helps your customers stay informed and helps you increase your reach and revenue.


If you are not currently on social media, now is the time to start. Do it for you and your business. Dominate your competition today.

Contact us now to schedule a FREE phone consultation. We help clients worldwide.



Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Social Media Marketing Company in Arizona

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Social Media Marketing Company in Arizona


Digital marketing and technology continuously evolves and changes daily. Before you choose a social media management firm in Arizona, ensure that they are up to date with the latest technologies and use the latest techniques and tools. Check their social media profiles to figure out exactly what they have been doing in terms of content they posted recently.

Do Your Homework

The age of the social media marketing agency is a crucial factor that you should consider before signing a contract with them. It is the experience that counts. The experienced social media marketing agencies have worked with a variety of clients in a variety of situations, running all types of campaigns. They know how the market works and how to deliver the results. If the social media marketing agency is relatively new, consider the background and experience of the top management and analyze how that experience can help you in achieving your goals.

Office Location

We are a worldwide marketing firm located in Mesa, Arizona at Alma School and Baseline. Everything can be done via zoom. We ensure for a great experience even if you are miles away. If you are looking to meet someone in person, this may be a factor. Many of our clients never meet us in person. If meeting your marketing consultant is a must, then you may think on this one.


Research their brand, philosophy, legacy, mission and vision for their company. Make sure it aligns with yours. At Premiere Social Media, we love helping others and this is why we are in business. We are based on honesty and do a lot for the community. We are your one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs.


The social media marketing agency that you hire should be accountable and reliable. Call them, email and Facebook them to see if they respond. Be sure to ask them about their deadlines, schedules and timelines for various marketing approaches. Find out what form of communication is best and how quickly they will respond.

Understand your needs

Before you hire any social media marketing agency in Arizona, you should be very clear about your goals. Do you want more followers, more traffic, more clients or do you just want to increase your brand awareness? Only when you are clear with your requirements, you will be able to explain them clearly and achieve desired results.

Agency’s Previous Experience

The previous experience of the social media marketing agency matters a lot. How long have they been in the field and how long has the agency been open? Find out if they have worked with similar clients like you and have done similar social media work. Also, find out what scale they worked on with the previous clients and what the results were that they delivered.


If you are a small business with a limited budget, we are a social media agency with many different options. Be careful with the agencies charging unreasonably lower prices. Poor services and lack of expertise can be the reason for their lower prices. If they are just posting content, this will get you nowhere. In most cases, agencies offering their services at cheap rates do not deliver the desired results.

Strategic Direction

The social media agency you hire should discuss their strategies and direction of their approach with you. They should also discuss their plan for implementing their Online Marketing strategy. The agency should be able to create a strategy, successfully implement it and tweak it as per your requirements. Also, find out if the agency will offer you solutions to handle difficult problems if things don’t go as planned.


Before hiring the agency, figure out if they have a proactive marketing approach rather than a reactive one. They should be careful enough to prevent things from going wrong rather than quickly fixing things that are wrong. It is impossible to stop errors from occurring, but many essential steps can be taken to avoid mistakes.

Hire our #1 Social Media Marketing Company in Arizona and Take Your Business to the Next Level. Call us at 480-525-6275.

Why we were Voted the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mesa, Arizona

Why we were Voted the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mesa, Arizona

Vast experience 

Our owner has 13 years experience in the marketing field. She was one of the first businesses on Facebook.

We have  helped 1,000’s of business owners through the years. We have a team of online marketing specialists and we know exactly what to do online to be effective. Our skilled and experienced staff helps our clients grow their businesses and brands continuously.

Premiere Social Media has an amazing team of experts that help with social media marketing, website design, advertising and the networking groups. We have real-time experience with Social media management and we guarantee to do exactly what we say.


It is a waste of time and money to consult a company that does not communicate well, and you have to wait for months together to get even a single update from them regarding your project.

We understand the value of communication and your time. We have a quick response time and you deal directly with our owner.  We send regular updates to all our clients. We respond within 24 hours, if not sooner. Email and Facebook are the best way for us to communicate. We can communicate with you any way that you prefer.

Focus on ROI 

All our social media marketing approaches are focused on driving higher ROI. Our campaigns increase the number of leads and conversion rates along with sales. We aim to increase targeted traffic to the website and we also push customers to visit your physical stores. We do it all by our social media marketing and website design approaches while keeping ROI in mind.

We Get Results 

We are experts at Social media management, and we know how to make things work for our clients. Our experience and skill will drive measurable results for your business. We deliver the desired results based on your goals and requirements.

Quality service 

We offer outstanding customer service. Everybody wants to make money, but that’s not what we are all about. We believe in offering the best and top quality services at an affordable price to all our clients. We have many options to choose from, based on your budget. We do exactly what we say. Our marketing packages are flexible and you choose the services that you want.


We owe our growth and experience to our integrity, honesty, and truthfulness. We will never sell you anything that does not add value to your business. We treat all clients with respect and kindness. We are transparent and honest about all of our approaches, the processes we follow, and the costs involved.

We listen 

For us to deliver measurable results to satisfy our clients, we first understand their requirements completely. We listen when you explain your ideas and inform you of ours.

No shady sales tactics 

We will never sell you anything that you do not need or that will not help your business. We guide you on what choices are the best for your business and we offer customized solutions to help you. Without any promotional or sales gimmicks, our social media marketing is a quality service, drives measurable results, and increases our clients’ sales.

Our approach

We are a one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs. We are here to help you with everything. Our social media marketing approach is to develop your personal and business marketing strategy that is focused on grabbing the attention of your target audience and growing your reach organically and with paid ads.

Professional team 

Our staff works as a professional team together. They have diverse backgrounds like social media, content writing, public relations, nonprofit, journalism, networking, communications, SEO, website design and graphic design. We are efficient at building your brand, driving sales and getting more eyes on you.

Professional office space

We are located in Mesa, Arizona at 1930 S Alma School Rd in Suite B104. We have an inviting office that can accommodate your team. We offer coffee, tea and water for your enjoyment. We are available by appointment only. We can also meet via zoom if that is a better option.


With over a decade of experience in serving B2B clients in Arizona, We have deep insights about what works and what is a complete waste of time. Traditional ways of communication and marketing for B2B aren’t going to cut it in today’s digitally hyper-connected world. Marketing to individuals is the new requirement as B2B and B2C are converging. Social media marketing is the most efficient marketing approach at this time.

We do it ALL

Premiere Social Media offers all forms of online marketing. We can do all of your marketing without having multiple companies involved. We have your back and we are here for you.

We share our expertise

Premiere Social Media offers social media trainings that are very in-depth. We hold nothing back. At an affordable price, you and your team can learn everything about marketing your business with social media.

Grow your business today with our personalized marketing campaigns throughout Arizona and worldwide. Get in touch with us now.


Website Design Service FAQs

Website Design Service FAQs

Q1. Do you outsource projects?

No, we do not outsource our projects or any kind of work as we have enough in-house resources and tools to handle the volume of work that comes to us. We offer quality work, great user experience and offer different packages to promote your business online.

Q2. What is the time taken to complete the website?

Every project we receive is a little different as the requirements for each client is different and specific to their business goals.

On average, we take about one to four weeks to complete and launch a website. But this timeline is heavily dependent on the business requirements, the complexity of the website and cooperation with the client.

Q3. Do you create only WordPress websites?

Yes, we create custom WordPress sites.

Our websites are extremely easy to upgrade, customize, and manage. We will teach you how.

Q4. Do you support only local people?

No, we work with clients from across the globe.

Your physical location does not matter as long as we can work with you remotely and communicate effectively to understand your business requirements.

Q5. Will I get a team for building my website?

Yes, as soon as we receive your project, based on our initial understanding and assessment of your website requirements, we will schedule an in-depth planning session with you.

Q6. Why should I choose your website design company?

There are multiple reasons you should work with us. We offer a free initial consultation, then schedule a free planning session. At the end, we offer a free training session so you can manage it. You can choose your own graphics in the design process. We can create your content if need be. We have extremely experienced and skilled website designers, graphic designers and marketers on the team.

We design your website, keeping your business goals in mind.

Are you thinking about getting a new website? Email us at info@premieresocialmedia.com




12 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Website Design Company in Arizona

12 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Website Design Company in Arizona

 Marketing Team

Just a catchy website for your business will not help much. You need an efficient and functional website. Before you hire a website design company, ensure that they have a marketing department that has developers, designers and marketers. You want a website that is visually appealing and has engaging content.

Design Trends

Getting your website designed using designs that were popular six years ago, can be harmful to your business. The website design company you hire must be updated with the latest technologies, tools and trends. They should be able to use modern designs as well as the proven tactics to design a website that functions well and helps you expand your business and your visibility.

You should Request the design agency to provide you with three to five references from their past clients.


Customer testimonials are very transparent and tell the good about the company. The agency may even have some directly on their site.


Request the design agency to provide you with their portfolio, if it is not already on their website. Their portfolio should have a link to the websites they have designed for their clients. A portfolio is a great way to understand the work style, knowledge and creativity of the web design agency.

Check Reviews

Research online and find user reviews, ratings and feedback about the work of the website design agency before you hire them. 

Company Establishment

Find out what the experience of the company has in designing and developing websites and the number of clients they have. Also, find out the number of employees the company has. Knowing these details will help you feel confident about hiring the agency based on their experience.

Support When Needed

When you hire a web design company, ensure to ask them if they provide support once the website is completed, launched and functional. They should offer effective support for a given period of time if something was not done properly. There is a possibility that you may face issues with your domain name, emails, hosting, content management system, etc. Without the agency’s support, fixing these issues will prove to be extremely frustrating. We offer a training when you get your so site so you can learn how to easily make changes. We also offer website management packages.


Find out if the web development agency you want to hire is credible. Check out their office location along with the awards, recognitions and certifications they received. Ask them about their mission statement.


Hiring a web design agency for your business is usually a long-term relationship. Before you hire the agency, ensure they have done quality work. Also, find out what their values are? What work processes do they follow and how do they treat their staff?

Based on your answers, you will be able to figure out if your business is compatible with the agency.

Set Up A Meeting

Call the design agency and book a phone call with them. Closely observe how they handle the call, if they are friendly, knowledgable and punctual. Also, find out if they try to understand your business requirements first before pitching in their solutions. The way they talk over the phone reflects their company culture.

Planning Session

Is a session at the beginning included so you know exactly what you will be getting and you will have say in it? We offer a very thorough planning session with you at no extra cost.

Contact us today with your idea for a price quote to begin your website design.