#Hashtags Help Your Social Media Marketing

#Hashtags Help Your Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are more than just a social media phenomenon – they are an innovative way to get your posts in front of the right audience and to maximize your organic post reach. You might have seen #hashtags on various social media posts, particularly Twitter, FaceBook & Instagram. But all they are used widely on most platforms. Choosing the right hashtag can connect you to the relevant audience and effectively drive organic traffic to your page, bringing you more clients. 

To select the right hashtags, you first need to know what your post is about. Knowing your products or services and how they will benefit the community is important. For example – Assume you’re selling an “Adjustable Wrench” that can be used to tighten or loosen nut bolts. It is a perfect tool for countless mechanical works. Something that most homeowners and DIY professionals wish for in making some common repairs. Thus, optimizing your posts with relevant hashtags like – #diyproject, #DIYtools, #diyideas, #diyhome, #homeimprovement, #interiordesign, #DIYrenovations, #homeimprovementideas – would help you gain a maximum impression, engagement, and organic traffic. 

How To Search For Trendy Hashtags? 

Undoubtedly, the hashtag is one of the best ways to find relevant social media content. It is best to use hashtags that are already popular. If you choose to create your own hashtag, you will need to market it very well and spread the word. If no one is using a hashtag, it is not worthwhile. You must focus on hashtags that are a bit more vague for the ultimate amount of users. Keep in mind, with the right hashtags, your followers and more so non-followers will find you easily on social media. Here’s how to search for trendy and the most popular hashtags: 

  • Using a Social Media Platform– Did you know that on many platforms, you can search hashtags to see how many people? On some platforms when you are posting your comment, simply type in the subject of your post and it will have the number of people using it pop up. Some platforms will also give you more suggestions so you can see the numbers of each. If this is not an option, search for different hashtags in the search bar and look to see if there are many entries.
  • Using A Hashtag Generator– Tired of guessing what the best hashtag is? A hashtag generator is the easiest way to build traction on all social media platforms, especially Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Some hashtag generators (like ingramer) embrace the power of AI-based search. They automatically generate relevant hashtags by examining your photo, keyword or link.
  • Check out other competitors in your niche– Learn from other businesses & influencer. Observe what hashtags they are using in their posts. You can easily identify appropriate hashtags for your products or services.
  • Look at current trending hashtags– Almost every social media platform provides a tool to explore what’s trending. For example – On Instagram, users can use the search engine to browse the top categories. By looking at posts in your desired category, you will see hashtags of interest.

How do I know if Hashtags are working? You can check out the insights & reports on reach, likes, engagement and impressions of your posts or stories. Analytics provides a performance overview of your post and will even help you find out which hashtags are driving the most views.

 Things to consider for hashtag publishing……

Think of hashtags as a gateway to connect to a specific topic, idea, movement, theme or conversation. It is just a way of classifying and categorizing your post with a searchable keyword. 

You need to follow below-mentioned points carefully in order to boost all social media content: 

  • Hashtag always starts with # without space. Be careful about punctuation and grammatical mistakes. 
  • Do not restrict your account. Hashtags works perfectly for a public account. 
  • Don’t string too many words together. Your hashtags must be relatively short and easy to remember.
  • Be relevant to your brand. Many users pick the unrelated hashtag just to gain an impression, but it can destroy your social credibility.
  • Instagram and Facebook have an optimal number of hashtags to use on each post. Three for Facebook and 10 for Instagram. 
  • Be sure to look up your hashtags and see exactly what they refer to. If you are a dentist, #Implants may not be the best option. 
  • Create a hashtag list that you use regularly and have it handy next to your computer.                       
  • Use hashtags consistently to increase your social media reach, influence purchase decisions and ultimately obtain more customers. 
  • Promote your business, an idea, notion, concept, belief, or movement with hashtags. It has the power to encourage and bring tremendous change to society.

Hope this article has given you some of the insight you need on HASHTAGS – and how to use them effectively with your social media marketing. If you have found this article useful, do share it with others. If you need extra help. We offer one-on-one social media training and consulting.