Tis’ the Season to Network

Tis’ the Season to Network

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It is that time of the year again, Christmas time. Premiere Business Networking spreads holiday cheer with a Christmas party and community service project in each group. The East, West and Phoenix group are collecting coats, shoes and blankets for the homeless with a drive for St. Vincent De Paul. We had over 50 members in attendance at the East meeting and collected 34 coats, 14 blankets and 20 pairs of shoes. If you are thinking about joining one of our networking groups, be sure to get in prior to the new year as prices are going up. Premiere Social Media can’t wait to see what the other groups bring in. Happy Networking.

How to Embed a Video on Your Facebook Business Page to Help Your Social Media Marketing

How to Embed a Video on Your Facebook Business Page to Help Your Social Media Marketing

Facebook now allows you to have a video on your homepage!

Very exciting 🙂 Here are some simple instructions on adding yours.

1. Go to the Tabs at the top and Click on Videos.

Tab Video
2. Click Add Video
 Add Video

3. Choose File to Upload and be sure to fill out Title, Description, Where with your keywords. You can use your web address if you don’t want to put location that will give you some added SEO.

img-10Choose File
4. Press Feature This Video. It will Post it on the page as well as embed it on your page permanently.

Feature this video


Here is your finished product! You will have the featured one in the about section and one posted as a comment. The featured one will stay there unless you click Don’t feature this video on the comment.

Finished videoimg-15

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New Facebook Groups Phone App

New Facebook Groups Phone App

Who else is excited about the Facebook Groups App? We are, here at Premiere Social Media!

Facebook Groups Phone AppIt is a very simple to get your app rolling.

1. Search your Play Store for “Facebook Groups App”
2. Download
3. Hit continue as Your Name
4. Click on Get Started

Easily reorder the groups by holding down and pulling up to desired location. The world icon up at the top is where your notifications appear, just like Facebook. This app will help you get posts in a more timely manner as they are on your phone. Suggested groups are in the discover icon which looks like a compass in the 3rd tab over. The gear is your settings tab. You can add your favorite groups to your phones home screen.

This app makes it easier to delete unwanted groups and see what groups you are in.  Search for new groups by typing keyword into the magnifying glass. Create a new groups by pressing the + at the bottom right corner of the main screen.

When in groups you can post, add new members and like and comment on others posts. You can turn off notifications easily and see the events for each group. You also can quickly delete groups. Although this is not too quick since it redirects you to the Facebook Manager, you can share the group to your page.

The Bad: We were hoping the app would help you post to multiple groups, although this is not the case. You also can not share posts to groups from your pages. You would need to do that from the Facebook app. We have not found a way to search within the groups to find certain posts so you would need to scroll through all posts. It is a bit glitchy and slow since it was just developed. It is will not help businesses  much.

The Good: Great to see what groups you are in, easy to downsize and add more groups. Create new groups quickly. Helps you not miss posts by group members. Great for personal use.

This is based on the Android App, the Iphone buttons and setup varies a bit.

Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

Great announcement! Google+ has added Polls as an option. Premiere Social Media is very excited about this new feature. How about you? Poll your audience to see exactly what they want. Facebook got rid of this great feature and everyone is bummed. Glad that Google+ decided to one up them, finally! It is very EASY to use!


When commenting…..

1. Click on Poll

Click on Poll

2. Add a Question                                                                     Add a Question

3. Add a Picture (Optional)

Add a Picture

4. Add Choices (must have two but can add more)

Add Choices

5. Share (don’t forget your #hashtags)


Final Product (with picture)

Final Product

Final Product (without picture)

 Final Product Without Picture

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Let me know if you have any questions!




Like Gating is Being Banned Facebook Giveaway!

Like Gating is Being Banned Facebook Giveaway!

Like Gating Banned

ALERT, crazy news with Facebook! As of November 5, 2014, like gating will be banned! Like Gating is defined by giving incentive for Facebook likes. This includes any kind of giveaway. Make sure apps are taken off your page by then. This does mean that  Premiere Social Media and Free 4 u Giveaways will  be hosting a huge giveaway, it will be held September 9th to the 30th. This will be our last one. If you would like to participate $20+ item,  email premieresocialmedia@gmailcom. I also give you a back link on my site and a bio advertisement to help your marketing.  LAST GIVEAWAY FOREVER!!!