Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

Great announcement! Google+ has added Polls as an option. Premiere Social Media is very excited about this new feature. How about you? Poll your audience to see exactly what they want. Facebook got rid of this great feature and everyone is bummed. Glad that Google+ decided to one up them, finally! It is very EASY to use!


When commenting…..

1. Click on Poll

Click on Poll

2. Add a Question                                                                     Add a Question

3. Add a Picture (Optional)

Add a Picture

4. Add Choices (must have two but can add more)

Add Choices

5. Share (don’t forget your #hashtags)


Final Product (with picture)

Final Product

Final Product (without picture)

 Final Product Without Picture

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14 thoughts on “Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

  1. Scott

    Facebook didn't get rid of it entirely, as it is still available in groups. Too many people abused it on their regular walls and it just became spammy. Hopefully we won't see the same on Google+.

  2. Tina

    I find google+ very difficult to use. After I post something (on my business page) I can never find it again. And I can';t figure out how to post more than one picture at a time. So I try to google+ on Fridays and feel I'm really wasting my time. I'm local (in Phoenix) and maybe we can talk about google sometime…for me that means January (after Christmas)! OK?

  3. Premiere Social Media

    Yes, Google+ is definitely not my favorite. Very complicated since it gives you so many profiles. Personal, Business, Local. I just re-did mine so I just have the local one. that is very important. I would love to give you a free 15 minute phone consultation about it. Feel free to call me at 623-826-0309 when things settle down.

  4. Barbara Keen

    Thanks for sharing this new tip about google+. I am still learning google+ but so far so good. I think it will be very useful when asking our followers what they want to know more about. What is Google Places????

  5. Heather Cameron

    Great information. Like others I find Google+ confusing, I think I have it set up correctly but I do not have google places so another thing to look into. Working on doing my first hangout next week so that should be interesting.

  6. Debbie Takara Shelor

    Great tips. I kind of miss the poll option on Facebook, so this makes for a nice alternative. Questions can be such a powerful way to connect with your readers and find out about their interests. Thanks for sharing.

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