Proximity Marketing

Premiere Social Media now offers packages for proximity marketing. This is a new, cutting edge technology for all types of companies.

Proximity Marketing BeaconsProximity marketing wirelessly sends your advertising message onto mobile phones nearby. Proximity Beacons put notifications on all Android phones with bluetooth and location enabled with data. With Google’s Nearby Service and a small bluetooth beacon that can be attached to your keys, you can now market to mobile phone users. These small devices paired with software place a notification on phones when you pull down the notifications tab on your android device. These messages can be seen on phones anywhere from 30 meters, as far as almost two miles away from this device.

You may have the notification linked to your Facebook page to get more eyes on your social media or we can even make you a custom landing page with a custom URL and a custom marketing message. You can use this landing page for your beacon, as well as for other marketing efforts. 

This breakthrough technology is effective for any business or non-profit organization. If you are located in a shopping center, mall or business plaza, you can drive people to come to your business by offering them a deal. If you attend an expo or trade show, ping the phones of those attending, as well as those exhibiting just by showing up, without even paying for a booth. If you are attending a football or baseball game, imagine how many people you could reach. Go Cardinal’s and Diamond Backs. Cater your message to the specific event you are attending or to the group of people that will be at a certain location. In locations with multiple restaurants, push people to your establishment with a simple coupon. Once they see this on their phone, they are apt to choose your restaurant instead of your competitors. If you are a realtor, bring your beacon with you to your open house. Get extra foot traffic to the door. If you are a handyman and on a job, book the rest of your day by sending out relevant messages letting people know you are in the area.

Premiere Social Media does all the work for you from start to finish. We connect your beacon to your Facebook page to get started. It is working for you, before it is even sent out. We send the device to you in the mail. We then design your custom landing page and marketing message and switch tothat within a month. This let’s you market via Facebook first then market through the landing page. Based on where you are going, we can update your message and switch up your landing page monthly.

You can bring this beacon anywhere with you. Just stick it in your pocket or in your purse. This technology works for itself. Jump on this new technology prior to your competition doing so. Premiere Social Media would be happy to get you started today. Call us at 623-826-0309 for pricing.