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TestimonialsSee what Some of our happy customers have to say! Here are some of our client testimonials. We love helping businesses establish credibility, build lasting relationships and transform their business.



I just cant say enough about the guidance that Shyla Collier gave me. She is a GOD send. I know so much more now that she took the time to show me how to make my pages effective. Worth every penny.
~Craig, ReElect Craig Barnes to QC Council 2016

My favorite group of businesswomen recently came to our home for a Christmas party. When we started CTR Plumbing in 2013 we were doing fairly well. A year later I joined this fabulous group of ladies and our business exploded. It has not only been wonderful for CTR Plumbing but for me personally. I have gained a lot more confidence, learned so much about running a small business, advertising, and made some wonderful lifelong friends.
~Celeste, CTR Plumbing

Shyla’s depth of social media knowledge is phenomenal. Just attended her class on Facebook for Business and learned so much! Just amazing. If you’re looking to move your business forward give Shyla a call. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve been a member of Premiere Business Networking for over a year. Best move I’ve ever made to support my business. The north/central chapter of Business Women of Phoenix is now 45 strong and growing. We have an amazing group of ladies. Shyla’s vision and leadership continually inspires us to be the best, most authentic version of ourselves. So grateful to be part of this group.
~Susan, Essential Oils for Wellness

I own a sweet treat business, and I decided to join one of Premiere Social Media’s networking groups here in Phoenix almost a year ago & to my delight, my business has exploded! I have always been successful in my business, but I’m even more so now thanks to Premiere Social Media. I have even added items to my menu that a year ago I wouldn’t have even considered.
~Nicki, The Cupcake Cafe

Thanks are not enough for all of the incredible expertise that Premiere Social Media invested into bringing together an amazing fundraiser aimed at helping to help protect my 1 yr. old granddaughter. Shyla created and executed the social media campaign, brochures, brought in dozens of local businesses and vendors, reached well over 4,100 people and coordinated dozens of donations to help generate funds and awareness. As if all of this wasn’t enough, she was there before, during and after the event right by my side pouring all she had into making sure that this event was a success. She worked tirelessly, donating so much of her time to ensure that this event would be the best that it could. Thanks to these extraordinary efforts we were able to raise enough to cover the deficit of the legal fees and ensure that we will have an attorney to be a voice for my precious girl at her next hearing in the upcoming weeks.Any and every business needs Premiere Social Media to help the business flourish into its fullest potential. Thank you Premiere Social Media for giving back in such a monumental way!
~Angelina, Help Save This Little Girl

I am a professional organizer. My business Well Organized Az has done great! But I didn’t know other women that owned their own business and I didn’t think I needed to. Then I met Shyla Collier with Premiere Social Media and I am so glad I did. She is the best to work with! She is kind and patient and yet knows her stuff! I call her the Social Media Guru! I am in one of her women’s business networking groups now & the best part is building relationships with other women that are all about support. Shyla thank you for bringing us together & showing me the value of connecting with other women in business! I’m ever so grateful for this group of ladies! Last January was slow….this last 2 months I’m booked and double booked!
~Cristi, Well Organized AZ

Shyla is so knowledgeable in social media marketing, She gave me advice on SEO for my company and even when I was ready to give up because it didn’t seem like it was helping she said to stick with it. Now 5 months later my web page is receiving many organic hits per day and my business has been booming the last few weeks. I no longer need to pay for google or google ad words. IF you are serious about growing your business through social media Shyla is the ONLY way to go! Oh and she actually cares too! 1st shot is so appreciative of you!
~Kerry, 1st Shot Auto Glass

Your tips and advice on how to better manage our business presence on Facebook and across various social media platforms has really had such an immediate impact on our business, Job Advocates! The blend of a professional and personal touch you recommend helps our clients to feel comfortable and engaged making business with them a seamless transition! We look forward to further partnering with you to strengthen our digital model!
~Kerilyn, Job Advocates, LLC

Full disclosure… I have a fear of marketing and social media. However, as a business owner doing both is a must. Shyla Collier from Premiere Social Media has been very helpful and is very knowledgable about how to market in social media. I’m ready for 2017! I recently took a class from Shyla that was very informative. I was scared of marketing myself on social media but not anymore!
~Dr. Danielle N. Lewis, Naturopathic Doctor

Shyla is amazing. Her skills are so important for any business. I fully recommend Premiere Social Media.
~Brandie Heredia R.N., Unmarked Beauty And Wellness 

Shyla Collier, you are a genius with social media fixes! When I was at my wits end you came in and saved the Day!! THANK YOU for your expertise in this area!! Could not have done it without you! Your online business women’s referral group is the best as everyone is there to help everyone. I recommend you to everyone looking for the best in social media. LOVE YOU!
~She-She, Isagenix 

Thank you Shyla Collier, with Premiere Social Media for all you have done for me. Your expertise has promoted my business leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. I encourage everyone to give Shyla a call!
~Grace, LegalShield

I contacted Premiere Social Media because I needed help marketing my business. She was able to guide me through each of our social media sites and gave me the information I needed to post effectively and increase our visibility! Rates are affordable and totally worth every penny! I continue to reach out to her with questions and she is always able to help me. Her knowledge of social media is endless. I would gladly refer her to anyone seeking help with online marketing. Shyla Collier is an amazing woman with so much knowledge of the ins and outs of social media!We would like to take this chance to publicly THANK YOU for all of your insight and help in assisting Mahalo Pools grow.We continue to learn something new EVERY time we talk! We absolutely recommend you and your skills!
~Eileen, Mahalo Pools

I am learning so much from Shyla regarding increasing the web presence of our company. She really understands her industry and is incredibly savvy! I highly recommend Premiere Social Media for all of your marketing needs! Shyla with Premiere Social Media has an incredible knowledge of social media and how to help your business grow with it.
~Celeste, CTR Plumbing

My business page LIKES have easily doubled with her help of networking sites and exposure!
~Kari, Handcrafted by Kari

Thank you for your expertise and guidance in helping me with my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!
~Kendra, Limelight by Alcone 

Thank you to Premiere Social Media, for being such a big help with my business growth. The knowledge you have to help expose a small business online is invaluable. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with any type of social media marketing.
~Elizabeth, Errands N Beyond

A huge shout out and THANK YOU to Shyla Collier and Premiere Social Media for helping me with my Facebook page this morning! There is absolutely no way I could have figured it out on my own. You are amazing! Shyla knows her business inside and out and is very willing to help you succeed with yours. Talk to her today!
~Pam, Jamberry

Shyla is your go to person for developing and growing your social media reputation. She is the best at networking and marketing on social media. Give her a call. You will see your business grow with her help!
~Brittney, Spencer Auto Repair

Premiere Social Media is a HUGE help to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.  Such a wealth of knowledge!! Thank you so much
Shyla Collier, you are truly amazing!
~Kinley, Eagle Eye Home Inspections   

Premiere Social Media taught me how to find leads for my business and how to create visually appealing posts on my business’ Facebook page. I have grown from under 20 likes to over a hundred.
~Nykita, Pure Romance Representative

Shyla, Just a little something to show my appreciation for all you do. Your shared knowledge of Social Media has helped increase my business. Thank You.
~Tami, Legal Shield 

I just want to give a shout out to Shyla, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights to help me, I truly appreciate it!
~Connie, Use my Guy Services