Before you start searching for an online marketing agency in Arizona, you must figure out your company’s budget and the services required. It is a total waste of your budget and time to grab some fancy marketing packages from a marketing agency without keeping your business goals and requirements in mind.

Objectives and goals

Analyze your business to see which areas are not doing good and then make a list of the digital marketing services you require to improve your business in those areas along with ROI. There are several services like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click, etc., That can help your business grow.

Client Testimonials

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, anybody can fake their credibility easily. It is extremely dangerous to hand over your data to a marketing agency without verifying their identity and credibility.

Client testimonials on their website, as well as on the review sites like google, yelp, and other similar websites, are a great way to ascertain the credibility of any given marketing agency.

When you read reviews from trustworthy sources about a given marketing agency, you get insights based on truth and real experiences of the people who wrote reviews online.

Set Goals

Before searching for a marketing agency, audit your business plan, and find out what marketing objectives or goals you have set for the year.

Draw a strategic action plan to find out what your internal marketing team can do to achieve those goals and what are the gaps that a third party agency can fill.

Then go looking for an appropriate social media marketing agency to let them help you fill your service gaps. It will help you achieve your goals easily and effectively.

Agency Reputation

The very first thing you should verify and confirm a marketing agency is their existence. Verify their credentials and the claims they make on their website about their skills and expertise. Also, check the age of the company.

Find client testimonials, user feedback, and reviews about the agency and their work. Also, analyze what services they are offering, what sort of certifications and awards they have received.

Hiring an unreputed agency will do you more than they would help.

Verify their communication channels

Before you hire a marketing agency, evaluate how they manage and handle their marketing campaigns. Pay special attention to their communication channels to assess their strengths and weaknesses well.

Check their website and see if it is mobile-optimized. There should be quality content, images, and text on their social networks with a considerable bit of followers.

Their blogs should post high-quality content, eBooks, webinars, and infographics. Get the hang of their SEO operations and see where their blogs and other text appear in search engine listings.

Not all big agencies are best

It is fundamentally wrong to assume that the biggest agencies with a great client list are the best agencies. Many such biggest online agencies have only a few senior marketers who manage interns and junior marketers to handle client load.

So, there is a very high probability that your project will be managed and handled by junior marketers and not the senior and skilled players you paid your money for.

Choose agency based on your Niche

Many competitive marketing agencies specialize in specific services or niche. Being good at a lot of things is extremely difficult and inefficient. Before hiring a marketing agency, ensure that they specialize in your niche. Hiring such a marketing agency specializing in your niche can have a lot of advantages as they will understand your business a lot better than a marketing agency that has never worked in your domain.

Size of the Agency

The size of the agency matters a lot. If there is an agency with just ten people and they are accepting massive projects to work on, there is a huge possibility that they are not able to offer the degree of attention and resources a project requires as they themselves are understaffed.

On the other hand, if you hire an agency that is massive in size, there is a possibility that your project may not get a dedicated team or any focused attention it deserves to deliver the required results.

Speak to their Customers

Before signing up with a marketing agency, speak to the previous customers to verify the quality of the services listed on their website. Ask concrete questions to these clients of the agency. It will help you to get the answers to your questions and as much clarity as you want regarding the performance of the agency.

Measure their Success

It is easy to make tall claims, but you should confirm with the agency if they can successfully deliver on their claims. You should hire a marketing agency that has tested methods to track their campaigns, success, or failures. Find out about their past clients, campaigns, performance metrics, ROI, and the results they delivered.


Establish a committed relationship with the marketing agency you want to hire as both you and the agency work towards a common goal of growing your business awareness and your brand recognition.

Figure out if you can work harmoniously with the agency resources and the management and if they are accessible and open for communication and suggestions. Find out about the core ethics of the company.

Agency Type

Failing to choose the agency type can prove to be quite expensive and will not deliver the results you require. Be very clear about what kind of agency you want to drive your marketing efforts.

There are various types of agencies, like general and specialized service agencies. Some of them are creative agencies, industry-specific agencies, global agencies, and local marketing agencies.

When you choose the agency type, you can focus on your goals in a much better way and derive the required results sooner.

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