Exciting Things are Just Around the Corner!

Exciting Things are Just Around the Corner!

Announcing very EXCITING news!
Exciting News

There are so many exciting things happening in the world of Premiere Social Media!

Our owner, Shyla Collier is writing a book on Social Media Marketing. This should be completed by early 2015. Click here to pre-purchase today for almost 50% off!

We just completed a commercial. Waiting for the final edit. This will air on television on AZ TV 13 on Saturdays. We will give you more information once it starts rolling.

Premiere Social Media completed an interview about Social Media which will air on AM 1100. Our commercials will also be playing on that station.

We will be on sky7radio.com for another business game show recording on November 5 and 12, 2014 .

We just brought a web designer on our team! We now offer web design, as well as social media marketing.

Premiere Social Media is hosting monthly phone networking mixers as well as quarterly in-person mixers. Click here to get on our VIP Networking List.

Thank you to all our fans and clients for all the support!


Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

Google+ Introduces New Polls Option

Great announcement! Google+ has added Polls as an option. Premiere Social Media is very excited about this new feature. How about you? Poll your audience to see exactly what they want. Facebook got rid of this great feature and everyone is bummed. Glad that Google+ decided to one up them, finally! It is very EASY to use!


When commenting…..

1. Click on Poll

Click on Poll

2. Add a Question                                                                     Add a Question

3. Add a Picture (Optional)

Add a Picture

4. Add Choices (must have two but can add more)

Add Choices

5. Share (don’t forget your #hashtags)


Final Product (with picture)

Final Product

Final Product (without picture)

 Final Product Without Picture

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