Q1. Do you outsource projects?

No, we do not outsource our projects or any kind of work as we have enough in-house resources and tools to handle the volume of work that comes to us. We offer quality work, great user experience and offer different packages to promote your business online.

Q2. What is the time taken to complete the website?

Every project we receive is a little different as the requirements for each client is different and specific to their business goals.

On average, we take about one to four weeks to complete and launch a website. But this timeline is heavily dependent on the business requirements, the complexity of the website and cooperation with the client.

Q3. Do you create only WordPress websites?

Yes, we create custom WordPress sites.

Our websites are extremely easy to upgrade, customize, and manage. We will teach you how.

Q4. Do you support only local people?

No, we work with clients from across the globe.

Your physical location does not matter as long as we can work with you remotely and communicate effectively to understand your business requirements.

Q5. Will I get a team for building my website?

Yes, as soon as we receive your project, based on our initial understanding and assessment of your website requirements, we will schedule an in-depth planning session with you.

Q6. Why should I choose your website design company?

There are multiple reasons you should work with us. We offer a free initial consultation, then schedule a free planning session. At the end, we offer a free training session so you can manage it. You can choose your own graphics in the design process. We can create your content if need be. We have extremely experienced and skilled website designers, graphic designers and marketers on the team.

We design your website, keeping your business goals in mind.

Are you thinking about getting a new website? Email us at info@premieresocialmedia.com