Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, Premiere Social Media can develop, design or revamp your website. Based on your custom requirements, we design professional WordPress websites just the way you imagined. You can provide the content and graphics or we can create them custom for you at an additional cost.

With a complete website design, we offer a complimentary planning session. This may last 30 minutes to 5 hours. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and we know exactly what you like and want.

Innovative Design

A good website is visually attractive and compelling. It has easy and user-friendly navigation, best color combinations, pictures and text properly positioned across the website. The site reflects the brand in its entirety. We are experts at creating an innovative website design that is creative, user-friendly and helps in expanding your business.

Advanced Techniques

We develop and design websites that are compatible with all web browsers across various devices like smartphones and tablets. It is very important that your site is mobile friendly. Premiere Social Media is skilled in computer coding. We can also add many cool actions to your site to make it stand out.

Ecommerce Websites

Do you have an online store? Premiere Social Media offers website design for those companies selling products online.

Social Media Integration

Premiere Social Media integrates your social media into your website. Since we are a  social media marketing company, this is a top priority.

Fast Website Loading Speed

We test our clients websites for optimal loading speeds. This ensures that the universal loading speed of the client website stays the same regardless of the user’s connection speed. The graphics, images and other multimedia downloads are resized to quickly display a fast and high-quality page.

Easy to Manage Websites

Your business website should be scalable and easily manageable. That is the reason we build websites with browser-integrated cms systems that allows the users to log in easily, add new pages, photos, blog posts, videos, etc.

Website Management Training

We provide all full site builds with a complimentary one hour training session to to teach them how to make changes on their sites.

Website Maintenance Services

We provide website maintenance if you are not wanting to do the work. Leave it all to us.

Affordable Yearly Hosting

We offer affordable hosting services and can even set up your custom email.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide a on-site and off site search engine optimization services to help your website rank higher in search engine listings.

Turn Around Time

Most clients want their website created now. We have the resources and processes to handle all the requests of our clients in a timely manner. Although your site will not be done now, our turn around time is typically one month from the time we receive everything.

Always Accessible

We are always available for our clients to support them for all their questions and inquiries. You can reach us via email, phone or on Facebook. We will answer your concerns within 24 hours but it is usually much sooner.

Outstanding Service

Quick and responsive customer service always wins, and we offer you exactly that. We are proud of our outstanding customer service and user satisfaction that our clients have. All members on our team are incredibly skilled at what they do. We quickly complete the project as agreed upon and deliver you great results. We respect our customers and their time and provide all kinds of support and helping hand to solve their problems and answer their questions as quickly as possible.

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